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Executive Committee

The Toy Library is managed by an Executive Committee made up of member volunteers.  It meets approximately once every six weeks, usually on a Tuesday evening in the toy library. Usually, Committee members take a role related to the running of the Toy Library, in lieu of their standard membership duties, and enjoys some other concessions.  

We need more people to help with the Committee's work - buying, processing, fixing and replacing toys; distributing posters and flyers around the community; and keeping members up-to-date with news and events at the Library.  We're also looking for people with accountancy skills to support the Executive Committee.

If you are interested in helping out, talk to one of the Librarians when you next visit or send us a message on Facebook.
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Committee Member NameCommittee Responsibility
Committee Member NameCommittee Responsibility
Kelly Lensen Coordinator 
Ruth Hendry Facebook/Newsletters 
Adam Finlayson IT 
Pip Scott Payroll 
Lucy Fookes Publicity 
Rehan Badar Secretary 
Ros Ross Toy Buyer 
Jodee Web  Treasurer 
Kristina Kirk Treasurer 
Helene Girard Website 
Showing 11 items