Loan Conditions

Your membership level determines the number of toys that you can borrow.

The loan period is for a maximum of two weeks.

There is no renewal of toys.

Toys can be returned and new toys selected earlier than two weeks.

Members may not swap toys between each other.


Present your issue receipt showing the items borrowed to the duty volunteers at the Returns Desk and have the toys ready for checking.

Pay any fees owing to the librarian at the Issue Desk.

On Saturday mornings you may be asked to leave your returns (with the loan receipt) in the main hall next to the Toy Library. This is to avoid congestion in the library.

Penalty Fees
We try to recover the costs of repairs and replacements by imposing the following fees:
 Missing Piece
 $5 - (a full refund will be given if the missing piece is returned within a 3 month period)
 Lost, broken or badly damaged item
 $5 - (if an item is lost or broken beyond repair, a higher amount maybe charged depending on age/replacement costs etc)
 Broken container
 $5 (small) / $10 (medium) / $20 (large) / $30 (extra large)
 Broken CD case/cassette case/plastic envelope
 Lost/damaged CD-ROM envelope/puzzle bag cover
 Lost/damaged drawstring plastic bag
 Overdue item
 $2 per item per week