Summer Lending

Borrow toys for the whole of summer

Borrow as many big toys, baby toys, story tapes and CDs as you wish for the whole of summer.

Toys with more than 20 pieces – puzzles, games, and some of the multi-part toys (such as Duplo) – are not included in Summer Lending. Most of the baby toys, water toys and Fisher Price toys are included.

Check with the Librarians to find out if your favourites are available, or grab something new to try.


Toys cost just $5 per toy for the entire summer holidays – a bargain and a vital fundraiser for the Toy Library.



Summer Lending starts on Saturday 1st December 2018. Get in quick to get your favourites!


You can return Summer Lending toys between Thursday 7 February and the Saturday 23 February 2018.

The extended return period prevents our Librarians from being overwhelmed with returned toys – and it means you can keep toys for an extra two weeks if you want to.

Important information

    1. All toys that are not part of the Summer Lending program must be returned to the library by Saturday 16 December – the last day before the Toy Library closes for summer.
    2. Full overdue fines ($2 per toy per week), plus a $5 per toy Summer Lending fee, will be charged over the school holiday period for toys not returned by 16 December.
    3. Summer Lending starts on Saturday 1st December 2018
    4. Toys issued before the 1st December are not able to be reissued for Summer Lending. These toys must be returned to the library by Saturday 8th December.
    5. Toys cannot be reserved.
    6. Please treat our toys kindly – they love to be looked after. Store them under cover to prevent weather damage so that other members can use them next year.