Our Toys

We have a massive range of top quality toys for you to borrow and we work hard to source fun, educational, durable and where possible sustainable toys.

Our toys are separated into three main categories for the purposes of borrowing and as per our memberships levels.

See below for a brief example of some of our toys, or check our facebook page to keep up to date with our old favourites and new additions.

1. Toys

Our range of toys is vast, they are well maintained. We're adding to our toys on a monthly basis as we retire our older toys to make way for more new, modern and exciting toys.

These include:

Dress-ups, ride-ons, role play, slides, balance bikes & scooters, construction, water play tables, musical toys, dolls houses, baby gyms & exersaucers, Thomas the Tank Engine playsets, sports equipment, Duplo and more!

2. Games & Puzzles


All of our games are labeled with an approximate age range that they are suitable for. We have a huge range in our collection and these are regularly updated. They range from basic matching games to more traditional and strategic board games for all ages.


Our puzzles selection is vast and is separated into 3 categories for varying skill levels:

  1. Yellow colour band - has an emphasis on size, shape and colour, has pegs for little hands and fewer joining pieces.
  2. Red colour band - have simple join-up pieces and a mixture of pegged and non-pegged pieces.
  3. Blue colour band - include more pieces, have more middle than edge pieces and more complex pictures.

3. CD Roms & Media

We have a huge range of audio story-telling CD's with read-along books that are suitable for various ages.

Many of them have word-for-word narration that will help build vocabulary and encourage independent reading. The books are beautifully illustrated and are easy to read.

To help you in choosing a suitable story, each item is labeled with a suitable age range for a guide.