We're committed to providing quality entertaining and educational toys for Karori and the surrounding community.

Playing is vital for your children to learn, and their play needs will constantly change as they develop and grow.  Our wide selection of toys includes games, puzzles, dress-ups, ride-ons, musical toys, dolls houses, slides, bikes, scooters, baby gyms, exersaucers and more.

Fundraising and grants enable us to purchase toys throughout the year to ensure the collection stays in a good condition, and new toys are being added to our collection monthly.

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Stimulate, play and educate

Karori Toy Library lends stimulating, educational and fun toys for kids aged 0–7, and the grown ups enjoy them too! 

Why Join a Toy Library?

Toy Libraries are good for your pocket, good for the environment, and great for your kids.

Opening hours (term time only)

We are closed during the school holidays.

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