About Us

What is a Toy Library?

The Toy Library is exactly as it sounds - a place for you to borrow toys, dress ups, puzzles and games, just like you do with books at your local library.  

We're passionate about the world we live in and by joining a toy library you can be too!  By keeping a fresh supply of toys moving around the community, we're saving toys from filling up our land fills and in addition, it also means you don't have to constantly buy new toys only to have your children get bored and move onto the next thing, or store big bulky toys in your house.

We're part of the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand, but operate as our own independent charity, and as we're not a council run or funded facility, we do charge a small annual membership fee, which is often lower than the price of just one of our quality toys!

How Does It Work?

We lend toys for up to two weeks at a time (or bring them back earlier if you like).  Just come in during one of our four weekly session times, pick out your toys, and that's you done!

When issuing your toys, we ask that you take them over to the librarian at the issue desk and let them know the toy number (each toy is numbered in our system).  You'll then be printed out an issue slip which you can bring back with you to give to the librarian when you return them.

When you get your toys home, it always pays to check that all the pieces are there as stated, as we do charge for missing/broken pieces.

You'll find that most Toy Libraries have something called 'duties', which is where members come to the library during a session once a term to help our librarian sort and return toys.  We do have an opt-out option available for people who would prefer not to do duties, but 

In a Nutshell

Our Librarians

Our library is very fortunate to have a team of experienced librarians who have a wealth of knowledge that they are only too happy to share.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the process, what toys to borrow or anything to do with the the toy library, please feel free to speak to one of them.

Anne Kerins: Principal Librarian (works weekdays)

Tammy Ansell : Librarian (works Saturday mornings)

The Karori Community Toy Library Incorporated is a registered charitable entity in terms of the Charities Act 2005. For more information, please visit the Charities Register.

To view the constitution that our Toy Library is governed by please email to request a copy - info@karoritoylibrary.org.nz